Ancient Bonds Previews

Ancient Bonds Sneakpeak

Hey there Duelyst Fans!

We’re here to help centralize all the reveals for our newest expansion – Ancient Bonds.

While we expect many of you guys to have questions, we’re here to provide answers!
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We’ll organize them in reverse chronological order so you get to see the newest stuff first!

PCGamer has also released a new article with more details on the set!

Vanar Kindred HunterVanar Kindred Hunter

Neutral Trinity WingNeutral Trinity Wing

Neutral Trinity Courage Neutral Trinity Courage

Neutral Trinity Power Neutral Trinity Power

Neutral Trinity Wisdom Neutral Trinity Wisdom

Vetruvian DreamshaperVetruvian Dreamshaper

Songhai JosekiSonghai Joseki

Vanar Mana DeathgripVanar Mana Deathgrip

Neutral EMPNeutral EMP

Songhai SparrowhawkSonghai Sparrowhawk

Vetruvian Thunderclap Vetruvian Thunderclap

Vanar Ghost Seraphim Vanar Ghost Seraphim

Songhai Calligrapher Songhai Calligrapher

Magmar Ragebinder Golem Magmar Ragebinder Golem

Lyonar Life Coil Lyonar Life Coil

Abyssian Nightshroud Abyssian Nightshroud

Abyssian The ReleaserAbyssian The Releaser

Magmar JuggernautMagmar Juggernaut

Songhai KindlingSonghai Kindling

Neutral FeraluNeutral Feralu

Lyonar Sol PontiffLyonar Sol Pontiff

Vetruvian SirocooVetruvian Sirocco

Magmar Cascading RebirthMagmar Cascading Rebirth

Neutral CelebrantNeutral Celebrant

Lyonar Gold VitriolLyonar Gold Vitriol

Abyssian Death KnellAbyssian Death Knell

Vanar CirculusVanar Circulus

Neutral Blue ConjurerNeutral Blue Conjurer

Abyssian NocturneAbyssian Nocturne

Songhai Bangle of Blinding StrikeSonghai Brangle Of Blinding Striker

Magmar LavaslasherMagmar Lavaslasher

Neutral GhoulieNeutral Ghoulie

Vetruvian Blood Of AirVetruvian Blood Of Air

Lyonar PeacekeeperLyonar Peacekeeper