Announcing the Ancient Bonds Expansion!

by Counterplay Games  /  February 28, 2017

Hey there Duelyst fans!

We’re excited to announce our latest expansion – Ancient Bonds. This set will emphasize the synergy of tribal connections in Duelyst, particularly among the Golem and Arcanyst tribes.

The expansion launches mid-March, and will contain 39 new cards including new spells, minions, and artifacts for each of the 6 factions as well as new Neutral minions.

New cards will be revealed every day in the lead-up to expansion launch. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for the latest updates, or find a list of revealed cards here.

We also want to announce our streamer reveal schedule. We love working with our community, and one of the ways we like to give back to you guys is by handing off card reveals! These players (selected from our in-client spotlight) will be revealing their own Ancient Bonds cards on the following days (all times are in PST). Tune into their streams to watch the reveals live:

  1. February 28th – F8_HotS during the Tuesday Melee Tournament after 4:00 PM
  2. March 1st – DarkLordSen after 5:30 PM
  3. March 2nd – LeTigress after 1:00 PM
  4. March 3rd – LadyMyrr after 12:00 PM
  5. March 4th – Brian Kibler after 10:00 AM
  6. March 5th – Sylvermyst after 8:00 PM
  7. March 6th – Zoochz after 5:00 PM
  8. March 7th – GrincherZ after 1:00 PM
  9. March 8th – QuasiPro after 5:00 PM
  10. March 9th – Hsuku after 10:00 AM
  11. March 10th – Amoore after 5:30 PM
  12. March 11th – Mogwai after 2:00 PM