Boss Battle: Skurge

by Counterplay Games  /  October 10, 2017

The Skurge Boss Battle will be available on Tuesday, October 10th 2:00 PM PDT until Sunday, October 15th 4:00 PM PDT

Boss Battle: Skurge

One of the most dangerous mercenaries known across the land. He is as ruthless as he is fearless in pursuing his marks. Underestimate him and his crew will rain punishment from the skies above. Be wary as his brother is always watching. ūüŹĻūüõ°

You’re looking for trouble if you’re entering Skurge’s territory. His style of combat focuses on hit-and-run tactics, with a crew of Jaxis ready to assault you from all corners of the map.

“It’s just a couple of frail Ranged units, nothing to be afraid of!”

Skurge knows that blood begets blood – the longer the hunt, the stronger he gets. But this marksman does not travel alone! His brother Valiant lies waiting¬†elsewhere, don’t be foolish enough to fall into their trap! These two work together to cover their weaknesses, so you won’t find Skurge easy prey with Valiant around as support.

“Why should I try to fight these mercenary brothers?”

If you can track down and defeat Skurge, you will earn a free¬†Core Spirit Orb.¬†In addition to this, you’ll also earn a Boss Crate, which can be opened with a key purchased from the shop for 500 Diamonds. Each Orb contains a collection of items sure to enhance your Duelyst experience!

Think you can out-hunt this hunter?