Boss Battle: Skyfall Tyrant

by Counterplay Games  /  August 8, 2017

The Skyfall Tyrant Boss Battle will be available on Tuesday, August 8th, 2:00 PM PDT until Sunday, August 13th 4:00 PM PDT

Boss Battle: Skyfall Tyrant

Frozen and ageless the Skyfall Tyrant waits in its glacial fortress. The titan has survived generations in the cold, kept timeless by the frigid conditions, waiting for a worthy adversary to wake it from its slumber. Will you rise to the challenge? ❄

For this encounter, siege the titan that resides in the safety of its glacial fortress!

“Why should I step inside there?”

The Skyfall Tyrant is patient. It knows you cannot escape, so why should it chase? Instead, it will entrench itself in ice. See to it that you do not meet a similar icy tomb.

“You’ve shown the perils, what of the prizes?”

If you can topple the Skyfall Tyrant, you will earn a free Core Spirit Orb. In addition to this, you’ll also earn a Boss Crate, which can be opened with a key purchased from the shop for 500 Diamonds. Each Orb contains a collection of items sure to enhance your Duelyst experience!

Can you end this tyrannical titan?