Join us for the Contest of Grandmasters Invitational

by Counterplay Games  /  May 5, 2016

It’s been a crazy last two weeks filled with insane plays, unique decks, and even death by Dioltas. Amazing participants include TheScientist, SilverCether, Mogwai, Grinch, HSDogDog, Hastad, Kibler, and Trump.

Spanning seven consecutive Saturdays, the Contest of Grandmasters Invitational continues this weekend where you’ll watch Firebat, Ratsmah, ZoochZ, and ItsProtoHype battle it out to earn their way into the next round. All for the final prize of winner-takes-all $5,000 USD.

Where to Watch
You can catch all of the exciting action on the official Duelyst Twitch channel!

Sat May 8th 4pm PT

All matches in this tournament are Best of Five.

  • In order to win a match, a player must win one game with each of his three Generals, each from a different faction.
  • Whenever a game ends, the winning player’s deck can no longer be used for the rest of the match.
  • The losing player may keep the same deck just used or switch to one of his available choices.
  • Full Tournament Details.

$5,000 USD

Stay tuned for Spirit Orb giveaways during the broadcast! And join in the action and the conversation by tweeting @PlayDuelyst with the #Duelyst hashtag. You might get something cool ^^