Duelyst Seven Sisters Patch 1.66

Duelyst Patch 1.66

by Counterplay Games  /  June 15, 2016

Dev Team Note

Outside of balance changes, UI visual polish, Seven Sisters achievement cards, referral program features, and bug fixes (… I guess we got a bit of stuff done this patch) we’re still holding back some goodies currently in testing for the end of the month patch. We can’t wait to show everyone. Scroll to the bottom to see a preview of our roadmap.

The 7 Sisters Have Arrived



This patch we’re introducing our first set of Duelyst Achievement Cards — Playable functional cards that you earn and use in your decks!

Contained in this first set will be 7 brand new Legendary minion cards, each one tied to one of the 6 factions. The seventh card will be part of the Neutral card pool.

Sun Sister Sterope – Lyonar
4/4 – 4 Cost – Whenever a minion or General is healed, put a True Strike into your Action Bar.

Lightning Sister Alkyone – Songhai
3/5 – 4 Cost – Spells that you cast that deal damage deal +1 damage.

Sand Sister Saon – Vetruvian
3/4 – 4 Cost – Your General has +1 Attack.

Shadow Sister Kelaino – Abyssian
2/5 – 4 Cost – Whenever an enemy minion or General takes damage, restore 1 health to your General.

Earth Sister Taygete – Magmar
3/5 – 4 Cost – Whenever this minion takes damage, deal that much damage to all nearby enemies.

Wind Sister Maia – Vanar
4/5 – 4 Cost – Whenever you summon a minon with Infiltrate, it gains +1/+1.

Sworn Sister L’Kian – Neutral – Legendary
2/4 – 4 Cost – Opening Gambit: Add 2 random cards from your faction to your Action Bar.


Achievement: Each Sister card unlocks via an explicit Achievement when you collect 3x of all Faction Rares for the respective Sister’s Faction. (or 3x of 6 Neutral Rares for the Neutral Sister)

For example, collect 3 copies of every Rare card in the Abyssian faction to earn 3 copies of the respective Legendary Shadow Sister Kelaino.

These Seven Sisters achievement cards cannot be earned with Spirit Orbs, crafted, or disenchanted. Once again, these 7 unique cards can only be collected through the Achievement.


Lore is a huge part of Duelyst and the plan is for the back side of every card to have their own backstory panel. This patch, we’re introducing Lore Cards along with the Seven Sisters! It’s a bit of a rabbit hole before you solve the mystery of the Seven Sisters!


Grab all of the Seven Sisters Wallpapers on Counterplay Games Artstation.

Card Changes

As always, you can disenchant any changed cards for approximately one week for full spirit value.


Black Solus (Abyssian Epic): No longer gains +2 health when you summon a wraithling.

Wind Shroud (Vetruvian General Zirix Bloodborn Spell): Changed to: Iron Shroud – Summon a 2/2 Iron Dervish on a random space nearby your General.

Emerald Rejuvinator (Neutral Rare): Changed to 4/4. Opening Gambit: Restore 4 Health to BOTH Generals.

Vindicator (Magmar Legendary): Changed to: 1/3, Cost 3. “Whenever your opponent draws a card, this minion gains +2/+2”.

Referral Program


The DUELYST referral program is a simple way for you to earn rewards for inviting new friends to join the battle. You will earn rewards as your friends progress through the ranked ladder, and your friends will start with a gold bonus for accepting an invitation from a veteran.

Here’s a quick overview:

  • You have a referral code. It’s your current username.
  • Anyone you send over can enter this referral code during signup, in the settings, or on the buddy list screen to claim a 100 GOLD starting bonus.
    • They have to claim a referral code before playing their first ranked game.
  • You earn rewards as your legion of minions (aka friends) progress through the ranked ladder:
    • +1 Spirit Orb for hitting SILVER division (rank 20 or better).
    • +200 GOLD for hitting GOLD division (rank 10 or better).
    • Exclusive ROOK EMOTE when any of your friends makes a purchase in the armory.
  • For now, the rewards occur only once for each level reached by a friend, but we are looking to expand the program with per-season rewards in the future.

You can read more details about the program here.

Card Lore


We are starting to add Card Lore to each card you earn. Right now, we’ve added lore for the 7 sisters and a number of existing cards, and we’re excited to release more soon!

Codex Chapters 11-15 Added


Gauntlet Changes


The upper tiers of the gauntlet reward structure have been modified, to better reward players that achieve top records, including additional rewards that have been added for players that achieve 12 wins.

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

  • Fixed a bug where Zen-rui and Dominate Will targets sometimes forgot who their owner was.
  • Fixed a bug causing Forcefield to sometimes not come back after being knocked down by damage.
  • Increased contrast of opponent’s in game UI.
  • In game UI for the following features are now improved: Bloodborn Spells, Replace, Projectiles, and more.
  • Fixed a bug in rendering sequence of in game actions.
  • Fixed a bug causing aliasing on one of the battle maps.
  • Fixed a bug where your last played opponent wasn’t displaying in your buddy list.
  • Handling of anti-aliasing is now improved for in game UI.

Roadmap Preview

In addition to the monthly cards, balance changes, adding card and codex lore, and technical improvements, here’s what’s on our todo list over the next few patches:

  • Denizens of Shim’Zar card expansion.
  • Steam Release: we’re spending a lot of time to get steam account integration, username uniqueness, and wallet integration right.
  • Open Gauntlet to 7-days per week.
  • Prismatic Cards: these super-rare cards are cooler looking versions of the existing card set and can be disenchanted for bonus spirit.
  • Cosmetics loot system with Emotes, Card Backs, Profile Icons, and Skins.
  • Social Co-op Play. We’re working on systems for you and your friends to earn better rewards by playing together towards common goals and competing with other groups.
  • More expansive single player modes with challenging AI battles.