Duelyst Patch 1.73 S-Rank Changes

We have implemented changes to how ranking are calculated within S-Rank, after processing a lot of feedback about issues with the current system. Here’s a broad summary of the issues we considered as part of making changes:

To re-iterate for the record, here are our objectives for S-Rank:

Here’s what we’re doing:

S-Rank will never be perfect for all types of players. We’ve considered a number of different models, and this is the one we feel that best fits both our objectives and a diverse set of players. We believe these changes are a step to get us closer to our objectives while softening some of the issues the community is feeling. We’re going to continue to tune the algorithm based on how well these changes perform over the October season.

NOTE: Let’s address a concern we did not mention above: if a player has a 30 win streak in S-Rank and reaches a high spot: we do not consider that pure luck. We’ve heard feedback that when someone does exceptionally well over a set of games, it must be luck, and we therefore must allow a grind that gives other players the opportunity to catch up. The “luck” argument posits that consistency over a huge number of games should be rewarded over exceptional performance in a medium set of games. We don’t think this approach is fair to the spirit of S-Rank as an approximation of skill that does not require an unreasonable time commitment.

Let us know what you think.

As always, dive over into the forums, discord, or reddit to let us know your thoughts.