Duelyst Patch 1.88

by Counterplay Games  /  July 31, 2017

Duelyst Patch 1.88 is expected to deploy later on July 31st, 2017


  • Prismatic Sentinels will now properly display their prismatic aura pre and post transformation
  • Flawless Reflection now copies buffs and any existing damage (instead of creating a fresh minion without either)
  • The new Faction Tiles no longer sound like Shadow Creep


  • Fixed an issue where Crystal Arbiter did not gain its +3 Attack until the opponent’s following turn if summoned during the opponent’s turn
  • Using Theobule with no cards left in the deck will no longer crash the game
  • Inkhorn Gaze now correctly gives the caster a Battle Pet (instead of their opponent)
  • Flawless Reflection will now correctly preserve the active states of transformed minions (instead of cloning it from the target)
  • Abyssal Scar and Grasp of Agony are no longer dispellable

More Bosses

We’ve heard your requests for more Bosses, so we’ve got an entirely new crew ready to test your newest Unearthed Prophecy decks.

Think your creations can stand up to the challenge?

Defeat each boss to earn a Spirit Orb!

New Spell Effects

We’ve updated the game with custom Legendary Spell effects!

Vetruvian Cataclysmic Fault, Magmar Evolutionary Apex, and Vanar Flawless Reflection now have their own unique effects!

Haven’t seen the other Unearthed Prophecy Legendary Spells? We got you covered here:


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