Duelyst Referral Program

by Counterplay Games  /  June 14, 2016

The referral program will become available with the 1.66 patch on June 15th 2016.

The DUELYST referral program is a simple way for you to earn rewards for inviting new friends to join the battle. You will earn rewards as your friends progress through the ranked ladder, and your friends will start with a gold bonus for accepting an invitation from a veteran.

Duelyst Referral Program

Here’s how it works:

  • You have a referral code. It’s your current username.
  • Anyone you send over can enter this referral code during signup, in the settings, or on the buddy list screen to claim a 100 GOLD starting bonus.
    • They have to claim a referral code before playing their first ranked game.
  • You earn rewards as your legion of minions (aka friends) progress through the ranked ladder:
    • +1 Spirit Orb for hitting SILVER division (rank 20 or better).
    • +200 GOLD for hitting GOLD division (rank 10 or better).
    • Exclusive ROOK EMOTE when any of your friends makes a purchase in the armory.
  • For now, the rewards occur only once for each level reached by a friend, but we are looking to expand the program with per-season rewards in the future.

You can keep track of your referrals and their progress in the referral screen that can be accessed from your friend list.


Your friends can redeem the referral code from a number of spots:

  • During signup.
  • In the settings under “Redeem referral/gift code”.
  • In the buddy list.


We hope to add more explicit and hidden rewards to the referral program in the future.

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-CP Games