Duelyst World Championship Series: The Roads to the Monolith

by Counterplay Games  /  July 25, 2016

Previously during the Duelyst World Championship announcement we discussed the various ways through which you can earn Circuit Points and battle for a seat at the DWC.

Now it’s time to find out each World Championship qualifying event’s format and how the three remaining seats at Worlds will be decided.

Tournament Formats


Season Qualifiers will feature 50 players; the ones who amass the highest amount of Circuit Points during each monthly season. There will be a total of eight Season Qualifiers.

Slots at the DWC: 8/16

Season Qualifiers are going to be divided into two parts. On Saturdays players will battle through six rounds of Swiss, and all players who secure a 5 Wins/1 Loss record will qualify for Playoffs on the next day. Regardless of players’ scores, however, at least eight players will move on to play on the second part of the tournament.

On Sunday, the playoffs contenders will compete in a single elimination bracket. The winner will be crowned Grandmaster and thus secure his or her spot at the Duelyst World Championship.

All Season Qualifier matches are going to be Best of Five. The Match Formats will rotate between the Aestari and Senerai. To learn how these formats work you can refer to this article.


Duelyst Opens are free-for-all tournaments that will happen every other month (starting in September) for a total of four editions. Every Duelyst Open is going to be divided into three stages of play and span across two weekends. Here’s how each stage is going to work:

Slots at the DWC: 4/16


1. Swiss Rounds
The first stage of the tournament is going to be played in Swiss rounds; the exact number of rounds being played will change according to the number of registered players. Furthermore, if the total number of rounds become overwhelmingly high the competition will be split into two days, Saturday and Sunday.

At the end of all rounds, the Top 16 players will qualify for the next stage of the tournament.

2. Group Stage
The second stage of the tournament, a group stage, will take place over the following Friday and Saturday. The 16 qualified players will be seeded into four groups of four players and play against one another on a double elimination group stage that’ll work as follows:

Players within the same group will be assigned one opponent to play against. The winners of these matches are then going to battle one another in the “Winners’ Match”. Whoever wins the Winners’ Match qualifies for the third stage of the tournament.

Following that, the players who lost the first group stage match will battle against one another in the “Losers’ Match”. The winner of this match will then move on to play a final Best of Five match against the player who lost the Winners’ Match. Whoever wins this match qualifies for the final stage of the tournament.

Groups A and B will play on Friday while Groups C and D will play on Saturday.

3. Playoffs
The third and final stage of all Duelyst Opens will be played on a Single Elimination Bracket. On Sunday the remaining eight players are going to battle one another for the title of Grandmaster and a spot at the Duelyst World Championship.

The Remaining Seats at the DWC

As you can see, out of the 16 Duelyst World Championship spots, the circuit’s regular season will only account for 12 of them, which are all going to take into account players’ monthly Circuit Points.

The last four seats at the DWC will be determined by using players’ Circuit Points. One of these slots has already been announced; the 13th Grandmaster is going to be the Duelyst Player of the Year. Now we will reveal how the three remaining seats are going to be decided and by which means players will be able to fight for one of them.


After March’s Season Qualifier concludes the regular season will be over. We will then tally players’ total number of Circuit Points accumulated throughout the entire circuit. Once all points are amounted we’ll declare the Duelyst Player of the Year and announce the four Trial of Champions’ participants. They will be the four players with the highest number of total Circuit Points after the Duelyst Player of the Year has been announced.

Slots at the DWC: 2/16
– Duelyst Player of the Year: 1/16
– Trial of Champions: 1/16

The Trial of Champions is a vertical-style tournament in which the player with the fifth highest amount of Circuit Points will battle the player with the fourth highest number of Points. The winner of that match will then move up to face the player with the third highest amount of Points. Whoever wins this match will move up to play the last match against the player with the second highest amount of Circuit Points. The player who comes out on top of that final match will be crowned Grandmaster and receive an invitation to the Duelyst World Championship.

All matches in the Trial of Champions will be Best of Five. The Aestari Match Format with a ban phase will be followed, meaning players will bring in four factions and ban one of their opponent’s generals before starting a match. To learn how the regular Aestari format works you can refer to this article.


Once the Trial of Champions crowns the 14th Grandmaster a final event called The Vanishing Window will be hosted in order to reveal the last two players to attend the Duelyst World Championship. This tournament will feature the 128 players with the highest total amount of Circuit Points.

Slots at the DWC: 2/16

The Vanishing Window tournament is going to be played on a double elimination bracket, and the winner of each bracket, these being the top (winners) and bottom (losers) brackets, will be crowned Grandmaster and receive an invitation to the Duelyst World Championship.

All matches in this tournament are going to be Best of Five and follow the Senerai Format. To learn how this format works you can refer to this article.

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If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to Justice on Discord or michel@counterplay.co.