How Ranked Ladder Works

by Counterplay Games  /  April 26, 2016

The Duelyst monthly season Ranked Ladder is where you can find online opponents of equal skill. Winning a match earns you 1 chevron, while losing a match costs you 1 chevron. Upon gaining or losing enough chevrons, your rank will change. There are 30 total ranks starting from Rank 30 and progressing up to Rank 0. There are 5 DivisionsBronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and S-Rank — and as you move up through the ranks, the number of chevrons required to reach the next rung gradually increases.

Bronze Division: Rank 30 – 21
Silver Division: Rank 20 – 11
Gold Division: Rank 10 – 6
Diamond Division: Rank 5 – 1
S-Rank Division: Rank 0

Note: S-Rank uses a separate MMR system to track and order players.

Once you’re promoted to a new division during the month, you cannot drop below the minimum rank for that division. For example, once you reach Silver Division at Rank 20, you cannot drop back to Rank 21 regardless of your losses.

Win streaks can earn players additional chevrons — starting at 3 wins in a row, you earn 2 chevrons for each win. Win streaks are only possible from rank 25 of Bronze Division up until you reach the Diamond Division at rank 5.

Ranks are reset each season, but higher ranked players receive bonus chevrons to help them re-climb the ladder faster. Seasons last from the first to the last day of every month.

See you in the game!
– Team Duelyst