Tournament Prestige Rewards

by Counterplay Games  /  July 27, 2016

We’re excited to introduce Tournament Prestige Rewards for both official and community-run Duelyst tournaments.

In the past, Spirit Orbs were the primary rewards for placing or participating in tournaments. Moving forward, tournament prizes will emphasize gaining broader recognition across the Duelyst community.

There’s more to come, but here’s the latest three: Tournament Emotes, Tournament Ribbons, and Forum Titles.

Tournament Emotes

First, we’re awarding custom Tournament Emotes for placing in tournaments.


Every Sunday, we’ll rotate in one of the tournament emotes above. The only way to get these is to place in the semifinals of any tournament—reaching Top 4 placement. Here’s the current monthly rotation:

1st Sunday: Primus Fist Emote
2nd Sunday: Lightbender Emote
3rd Sunday: Zen’rui Emote
4th Sunday: Hollow Grovekeeper Emote

Tournament Emotes will be rolling out in early August.

Tournament Ribbons

Your account will have a Champion Ribbon for others to see during your match and your Profile screen. To earn this ribbon, you must place #1 in a tournament. For now, it’ll track your first place wins across all tournaments.


Like the Faction Ribbons, this Champion Ribbon will be displayed on your opening hand ‘mulligan’ screen. This ribbon stacks with a win count displayed next to the ribbon.

This first Champion Ribbon will be out in August as well.

Tournament Forum Titles

With the official Forums launch, Forum Titles are now part of the tournament rewards! To earn a Forum Title, you’ll need to win a tournament. Each tournament will have its own unique title. Here are some Forum Titles chosen by existing tournament organizers:


Dawn of the Duelysts Tournament: “Dawnbringer


Alcuin Archive Tournamet: “Spellbinder Magus

News: Duelyst Tournament Discord

Check out our new Tournament Discord server, a central hub dedicated to the latest tournament news, schedules, signups, and info pages. You no longer need to start or join a new server every time you want to enter a tournament. 

Each major tournament has its own text and voice channel, so you can quickly find links to its tournament page and contact the admins. If you haven’t already, join the server now.

News: Stream Giveaways

Starting in August, organizers that stream their tournaments will be given six Gift Codes, each containing two core set Spirit Orbs, to raffle during live broadcasts.

News: Random Prizes for Early Participants

Tournament organizers will now receive two Gift codes, each containing two core set Spirit Orbs, to giveaway to two random participants who join their tournaments at least 24 hours before the tournament starts.

For Organizers

If you’re an organizer looking to boost your tournament’s prize pool, don’t hesitate to reach out to Affinity/Justice on Discord or We’re excited to provide you with these Tournament Prestige Rewards!