Join us for the 2016 Duelyst World Championship Circuit!

by Counterplay Games  /  June 14, 2016

Get ready for Duelyst’s first ever World Championship Circuit, which we’re kicking off on the first day of August! This longstanding event will stretch all the way into May of the next year, when sixteen players from around the globe, who we’re officially calling Grandmasters, will battle at Duelyst’s largest, most prestigious tournament of the year, the Duelyst World Championship!

In order to become a Grandmaster and receive an invitation to the World Championship, however, players will first have to earn their way through the many months of competition that’ll precede this grand tournament. The World Championship Circuit is filled with opportunities through which players can prove their worth and conquer the title of Grandmaster.

Be it by competing in the Ranked Ladder, by joining Counterplay Games’ Season Qualifiers and Duelyst Opens or by participating in Sanctioned Community Tournaments, players are going to fight for Circuit Points and directly battle for seats at the World Championship.

This is the first part of a series of articles that’ll cover all the specifics to the World Championship Circuit. Stay tuned for upcoming news over the next few weeks when more details will be revealed!


Players will be able to obtain Circuit Points for the Duelyst World Championship by competing in the ladder, through Official Counterplay Tournaments or the many Sanctioned Community Tournaments. Points are distributed according to performance, so the better you do, the more points you get!

Circuit Points will be accumulated and tracked in two different ways, throughout the entire circuit as well as during each in-game monthly season for eight consecutive months. These two separate scoreboards will track players’ current and long term progress and help determine some of the World Championship’s participants as explained further down below.

There are a total of four different ways in which players can obtain Circuit Points, and as you’ll read later on we made sure to give everyone a chance to fight for a seat at the Duelyst World Championship! In other words, seasoned veterans and newcomers alike are all going to have a shot to prove their worth, earn the title of Grandmaster and join us at the World Championship!

Before we explain how each point-giving event is going to work, here’s a detailed look at how many Circuit Points each of them will provide:




Starting in September there’ll be a Season Qualifier every month that’ll feature the previous monthly season’s top players. These online tournaments are going to award Circuit Points as well as an invitation to the Duelyst World Championship!

After the last Season Qualifier is played in April there’ll be a total of eight Grandmasters qualified through this tournament. You can find this tournament’s format by checking the Roads to the Monolith article.


Every Season Qualifier we’ll invite the 50 players who’ve earned the largest amount of Circuit Points during that month. In other words, August’s Season Qualifier is going to be played by the 50 players who scored the largest amount of Circuit Points during August’s monthly season. This tournament will take place during the first weekend of September.

Keep in mind that even though we keep track of every player’s total amount of Circuit Points, Season Qualifiers only take into account players’ Circuit Points accumulated during that month.

WC_Duelyst opens_orange


Free-for-all tournaments, each of the four Duelyst Opens will give you and all Duelyst players a chance to fight for a seat at the Duelyst World Championship. This is a free for all event, and so it’s expected that they will be crowded and tough to battle through. Taking that into account we’re adding a prize purse to this event on top of the seat at the World Championship that’ll be awarded to its champion.

The first Duelyst Open is going to take place in September. After that every other month there’ll be a new edition of this tournament. For more on the Duelyst Opens structure and format you can to the Roads to the Monolith article.

WC_Sanctioned Tournaments


These are the community run tournaments sanctioned by Counterplay Games to award Circuit Points. Such events follow and are in accordance to a list of requirements that makes them eligible to award Circuit Points. You can learn more about each sanctioned tournament by joining our Tournament Discord server, a central hub dedicated to the latest tournament news, schedules, signups, and info pages.


You can participate in as many tournaments as you want to, but you are only eligible to win Circuit Points from one source each week. The event that gives you the most Circuit Points will be the one counted towards your total and monthly score.


We’re empowering community organizers with Circuit Points and Prestige Rewards to prize players with during solo tournaments.


Twelve out of sixteen slots at the Duelyst World Championship will be awarded to the champions of the Season Qualifiers and Duelyst Opens. After March’s Season Qualifier is concluded players’ total number of Circuit Points accumulated throughout the entire circuit will be tallied. There’ll be no more points-giving events for the Duelyst 2016 World Championship Circuit after March’s Qualifier.

The player who’s amassed the highest amount of Circuit Points will be declared Player of the Year and receive the title of Grandmaster, earning an invitation to the Duelyst World Championship. The remaining three slots will be fought for over two different tournaments, whose formats and rules you can find here.

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If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to Justice on Discord or