NEW Tournament Rewards and DWC Points

by Counterplay Games  /  October 21, 2016

Tournament Prizes

Duelysts, we would like to thank all of you who have participated in our many wonderful community tournaments over the last couple of months.

As you may or may not know, we recently rolled out Prestige Rewards that awarded emotes and forum titles whenever you placed at the top of certain events.

After receiving feedback in light of those changes, we have decided to adapt the reward system to better fit your needs.

We’re excited to tell you that community tournaments will now award Crate Keys. This applies to sanctioned tournaments too!

Here is how the average prize pool might look:


1st: Epic Key + Champions’ Ribbon

2nd: Rare Key

3rd and 4th Place: Common Key

5th to 8th: 3 Core Set Spirit Orbs


As a reminder, here’s what each crate prizes:

Common Crates unlock two random cosmetic items and one prismatic card.

Rare Crates unlock four random cosmetics and one prismatic card.

Epic Crates unlock six random cosmetics and two prismatic cards.

Sadly, this means tournament emotes will phase out, but we feel as though this new system rewards you what you actually want, and keeps the competitive scene fresh.

It is worth knowing that with this initiative, streams will also be giving away one Common Key now and three 2-Orb codes.

More Circuit Points!

There’s also a quality of life change coming to sanctioned community tournaments.

Backtracking to October 1st 2016, sanctioned tournaments will now award DWC Points based on its number of participants. The minimum participants’ cap has been lowered to eight, but tournaments with more participants will award more point to more players. In short:

More people, more Points!

To be clear, we consider participants players that play at least one match in a tournament.

This is how the new Points distribution is going to work according to tournament size:

As always, thank you for your feedback! We look forward to seeing you battle it out for the new Keys and DWC Points!