by Counterplay Games  /  August 3, 2016

Hey Squaddies! Pylons here!

Before you start, make sure to read my first article HERE. When you’re done, we’ll  tackle the ‘Four Steps method’ on both Lyonar Generals.

Lyonar Crest

Let’s begin with the first General you get in the game: Argeon Highmayne. With his Bloodborn Spell, Roar, he’s fairly aggressive.

Step 1: Decide on your win condition. Divine Bond is possibly the best win condition in Lyonar. Holy Immolation is another consideration because it allows you to clear the board effectively. We’ll include both.

Step 2: Add cards that support your win condition. We’ll want high health minions to synergize with Divine Bond and some solid low drops to play with Holy Immolation. Ironcliffe Guardian and the Tombstone from Dioltas are 10 health minions, so these cards are perfect for Divine Bond. They even have Provoke so our opponents can’t run away. For low drops, I’m looking at Azurite Lion, Windblade Adept, and Bloodtear Alchemist. Celerity on Azurite Lion makes it very powerful, Windblade is a 4/3 for 2, and Bloodtear is the best 1 mana creature (enabling 5 mana Holy Immolation!).

Step 3: Add cards that will efficiently disrupt your opponent’s win condition. As I said in part 1, this is one of the trickier steps because people tend to overdo (or underdo) it when it comes to removal. As we’re often going to be the aggressor, I want to play Repulsor Beast, and not Martyrdom. Healing my opponent is not something I want to do with this deck. I’ll add in a single Circle of Life as a present for the person playing Flameblood Warlock on ladder, and Zen’Rui the Blightspawned for Songhai’s Lantern Fox, and Abyssian’s Shadow Sister Kelaino—though stealing their 2/3s is very strong too! I’m also adding in some dispel and Saberspine Tiger. I prefer Ephemeral Shroud over Sunbloom, but either is fine. Saberspine is both a burst threat out of hand, and a good answer to 5 health minions in conjunction with Roar.

Step 4: Add cards that will compliment what you already have. Now for the finishing touches. This step allows for a little bit of personalization. I want Silverguard Knights for sure, and since I’m the aggressor, I want more 2-drops, so I’ll also add in Primus Fist. This gives us our final list:

This is a very strong, albeit standard Argeon Tempo list. The deck has good threats—everything is a threat because of Divine Bond—and good answers. You’re often going to find yourself ahead early, and the way to win is to maintain board advantage.


Now to look at Zir’an Sunforge. Because her Bloodborn Spell doesn’t lend itself towards an aggressive strategy, this deck will probably be more control-oriented than the Argeon list.

Step 1: Decide on your win condition. Well, Divine Bond and Holy Immolation are still good win conditions, but this time, I want to add in Pandora as well. Pandora, when unanswered, will win the game by herself—well, and her wolves.

Step 2: Add cards that support your win condition. Again, we want some high health minions and some good 2 drops. However, since we’re trying to go late with Pandora instead of Dioltas, I’m going to add in Lightchasers instead of Dioltas. This unassuming 3/2 can become large fairly quickly with healing. We’re also going to add Healing Mystic instead of Azurite Lion. Mystic will help us keep a board presence and keep Zir’an healthy. We’re still bringing out the Ironcliffe Guardians, as that 10 health is very enticing.

Step 3: Add cards that will efficiently disrupt your opponent’s win condition. Instead of Repulsor Beast (which isn’t as effective when you want the game to go very late), we’re going to add in Martyrdom. The singleton Circle of Life is even better here, and I’m also going to bring in Zen’rui the Blightspawned again. I also want to bring out my friend Sunriser. This 4 mana minion has an acceptable body and really puts the brakes on any deck trying to play many minions. Don’t forget to add dispels!

Step 4: Add cards that will compliment what you already have. We now have nine slots left. I want to add in Silverguard Knights for sure, and with three Lightchasers and three Sunrisers, the other six slots should be some kind of healing. I like Emerald Rejuvenator because it compliments both our healing synergies and our late game potential with Pandora. Sun Seer is my other inclusion because it allows for on-curve Sunrisers to trigger without using my Bloodborn Spell.

There we have it! Two new decks to add to your collection. Join me next week as we tackle the Songhai Faction! #FireNationShotFirst

I’m very excited to hear from you guys as well! Send me your Four Steps Method Lyonar decks on Twitter or Discord. Be sure to include a description. My favorite lists will be featured at the beginning of my next article! Happy building Squaddies!

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