by Counterplay Games  /  August 11, 2016

Heyo Squaddies! Fall in line! Squadmaster Pylons is here to set you up with some #FireNation (Songhai) deck building using the Four Steps Method. Let’s jump in head first!

Songhai Crest Background

Let’s to start with Kaleos Xaan. This rude dude has Blink as his Bloodborn spell—though moving a unit may seem unassuming, this spell has heaps of play to it.

Step 1: Decide on your win condition. Songhai has multiple win conditions to choose from. When playing Kaleos, Hamon Bladeseeker is really strong, and Blink helps negate the downside of this huge minion. Spiral Technique is the other win condition to run. Not only does it just end the game frequently, but once you have it, you can focus on your opponent’s board more. Eight damage out of hand is massive.

Step 2: Add cards that support your win condition. Because we’re playing with Hamon, Mist Dragon Seal is a strong asset to include. Not only does it compliment Blink, but it can also buff minions. Juxtaposition is in a similar boat, serving also as indirect removal. Flexible spells are a huge plus to any list, and this is no time to make exceptions. I’d also include Mana Vortex and Four Winds Magi, as these compliment the Spiral Technique play style, meaning playing as if your opponent has 8 less health (as long as you clear the board).

Step 3: Add cards that will efficiently disrupt your opponent’s win condition. Now to add in disruption. Songhai gets access to a lot of these. Phoenix Fire is a 2 mana Saberspine Tiger, Tusk Boar is a rush minion for two mana with an extra kick: they have to kill it or it gains more value. Onyx Bear Seal is a very powerful removal spell, and Zen’rui the Blightspawned rounds out the removal suite. I’m also going to include Lantern Fox in this step as it’s something your opponent needs to play around—if they don’t, you get more Phoenix  Fires, thus more removal.

Step 4: Add cards that will compliment what you already have. We have eight slots left. I’d like to include a 2-drop, and Healing Mystic is the perfect one here, as it not only combos with Tusk Boar, but also Hamon and Lantern Fox. Chaos Elemental is a powerful 3-drop where Blink makes it easy to handle (not to mention it sometimes teleports close by anyways), and it combines with Juxtaposition for very powerful plays. The only thing this deck lacks is card draw, and with fifteen spells plus Lantern Fox in the list, I’d adding Heaven’s Eclipse as the card draw of choice. Not only will it often draw out a Spiral Technique, but it synergizes well with Four Winds Magi.

This midrangey spell-synergy deck will win games out of nowhere frequently. It’s a little low on 2-drops, but Bloodtear is a fine turn 1 play. Now to Reva Eventide.


Reva Eventide’s Bloodborn Spell, Arcane Heart, creates a 1/1 Ranged unit. Let’s use that to our advantage and build a deck around it.

Step 1: Decide on your win condition. Since we plan to produce ranged units, let’s try my personal favorite win conditions, Jax Truesight + First Sword/Arrow Whistler. We’ll bring in a single Spiral Technique for those pesky healing decks.

Step 2: Add cards that support your win condition. Because we already have a lot of small ranged units, Deathstrike Seal and Inner Focus work really well. We’re also going to include Shiro Puppydragon to buff them, and some additional Heartseekers, just in case. Four Winds Magi and Mana Vortex are back again to feed into our Spiral Technique plans.

Step 3: Add cards that will efficiently disrupt your opponent’s win condition. For disruption, we again get access to Phoenix Fire, Onyx Bear Seal, Zen’rui the Blightspawned, and Lantern Fox.

Step 4: Add cards that will compliment what you already have. We have 5 slots left. Again, we’re a little low on 2-drops and card draw. Healing Mystic just makes sense again.  As for card draw, perhaps Sworn Sister L’Kian over Heaven’s Eclipse because we’re more board-focused and less spell-focused.

And there’s the Deathstrike Reva squad. Deck spirals out of control if it ever sticks a ranged unit.

Again, feel free to send me your Songhai decklists. Don’t forget to include a description of how you used the four step method! Send your submissions to me on Twitter or Discord!

You can follow me on twitter @arcanefocus and find me on the Duelyst Official Discord server as Pylons | TMA | C67. I’m always open to chatting with Duelyst players!