The Duelyst World Championship is HERE!!!

by Counterplay Games  /  May 1, 2017

Greetings Duelyst,

It is our pleasure to announce the format and schedule for the Duelyst World Championship taking place this weekend!

If you are not familiar with the Duelyst World Championship (or DWC), check out the official announcement here. There was a Midseason Update covered here.

Before getting into the format and schedule, it is important to first remind everyone who the 16 Grandmasters are!

Those 16 Grandmasters are competing for a $10,000 prize pool! The distribution of that prize pool can be found below:

Additional Prize

In addition to the prize pool covered above, the Duelyst World Champion will help name and influence the art design for a card in an upcoming expansion! Direction on how this process works will be outlined for the champion after they are crowned. Counterplay Games reserves the right to reject any ideas that are deemed inappropriate.


Saturday, May 6th – The Group Stage
Matches: 8 AM PST
Stream: 1 PM PST

On Saturday, the Duelyst World Championship officially begins. All 16 Grandmasters will be put into groups of 4 and compete in a Round Robin bracket (see “Format” for details). The groups will be announced on Tuesday, May 2nd.

Sunday, May 7th – The Playoffs
Matches: 6 AM PST
Stream: 1 PM PST

On Sunday, the Duelyst World Championship reaches its epic conclusion! The final 8 Grandmasters battle it out in a double elimination bracket to determine who the World Champion will be.


Saturday, May 6th – The Group Stage

The Grandmasters will be randomly seeded into groups of 4. The bracket is Round Robin, meaning players will have to play each opponent in their group once. The matches will be best-of-five, Conquest format with a General ban phase. After the initial matches, the top two players from each group are decided, with ties being broken using extra head to head rounds. These eight Grandmasters will move on to The Playoffs.

Sunday, May 7th – The Playoffs

The top 8 Grandmasters from Saturday will face off in a double-elimination bracket. Matches will be best-of-seven, Conquest format with a General ban phase. Grandmasters will need to submit 5 Generals from 4 different factions. They may switch Generals/decklists between Saturday and Sunday. At the end of this bracket, our World Champion will be crowned!


We look forward to seeing you at the Duelyst World Championship.

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