Announcing the Unearthed Prophecy Expansion!

by Counterplay Games  /  June 23, 2017

Hey there Duelyst fans!

We’re excited to announce our newest expansion – Unearthed Prophecy!

Our fourth expansion will be a 94 card set releasing on July 11th.

We’ll be showcasing card reveals every weekday on our Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Forums. To catch the full list of revealed cards, check here.

We have a PCGamer Article explaining more details of this expansion.

New Tiles

Lyonar, Vetruvian and Magmar will be receiving their own unique Tiles.

(Lyonar Tile) Hallowed Ground restores 1 Health to friendly minions and Generals standing on it at the end of owner’s turn.
(Vetruvian Tile) Exhuming Sand summons a 2/2 Iron Dervish when its owner summons a minion from their action bar.
(Magmar Tile) Primal Flourish gives friendly minions standing on it “Grow +2/+2.”


Meanwhile, Songhai, Abyssian, and Vanar will be receiving a new minion mechanic – Sentinels



Sentinels have two forms – when you first play your Sentinel minion it will appear on board as a Watchful Sentinel
Unless your opponent triggers the hidden condition of your Sentinel minion, it will remain a Sentinel Token with no effect.
Only your opponent can trigger your Sentinels, but only you know what they transform into!

Streamer Schedule

We also want to share the streamer reveal schedule!
These players (selected from our in-client spotlight) will be revealing an Unearthed Prophecy card. Join their streams on the following days to get more news!
(All times are in PDT / GMT-7)

Please note that this is a tentative schedule based on the streamer’s availability.
This schedule is subject to change.