Unearthed Prophecy Update

by Counterplay Games  /  July 19, 2017

We expect the following changes to be released sometime later on July 19th, 2017


  • The new Sentinel minions cannot be dispelled to prevent transformations. This is an intended feature of the Watchful Sentinel.
    • This is similar to how Tribal minions cannot have their tribes removed, a Watchful Sentinel is still a Sentinel.
  • Magmar Primal Flourish now has a tooltip plate when a friendly unit stands on it.

The following issues have been fixed

  • Fixed an issue with Dagona vs Freeblade that resulted in telefragging.
    • These minions will now remain on the board.
  • Fixed an issue where Sentinels would fail to trigger simultaneously if more than one copy existed on the board.
  • Azure Summoning will no longer re-draw the same card if multiple Azure Summonings were played.
  • Cascading Rebirth on an 8 mana minion will now create a Grandmaster Kraigon.
  • Fixed an issue where multi-click spells registered as individual spells for Firestorm Mantra.
  • Binky will no longer steal health when attacking Generals. (Bad Binky!)
  • Fixed an issue where Kelaino + Glacial Fissure would cause Kelaino to proc (regardless of what was on the field).
  • Scroll Thief now correctly steals whenever backstab activates.
    • This effect includes counter-attacking from behind.
  • Sunset Paragon no longer causes Thunderhorn to hurt friendly units.
  • Fixed an interaction between Abyssal Scar and Mindlathe.
    • The original owner of the Shadow Creep tile will still receive their tile.
  • Blinding Snowstorm will no longer miraculously allow structures to move.
  • Fixed several issues with Prismatic versions of cards not working.
    The following cards have been addressed

    • Abyssian – Choking Tendrils
    • Abyssian – Inkling Surge
    • Abyssian – Nethermeld
    • Lyonar – Fortified Assault
    • Lyonar – Vale Ascension
    • Magmar – Primal Flourish
    • Neutral – Glub (Spriggin Token)
    • Neutral – Moro (Spriggin Token)