UPDATE: Duelyst Streamer League

by Counterplay Games  /  February 17, 2017

Streamer League – A Look Back

We originally set out to create a league not only to support our dedicated streamers, but to also invite those less familiar with the game to experience Duelyst along with their personal communities. Though we accomplished the former to some degree, new streamers still aren’t being supported as much as we’d like. This will be our priority moving forward.

What’s Next?

The Streamer League Season 1 will be ending this weekend (2/19) as we take a pause to focus on feedback and improvements to the Streamer League for Season 2. We still want to retain the merits to the old Streamer League such as the incentives to stream and the item codes for raffles and giveaways. However, we also want to address our prior issues, such as the viewer gating (something that prevented small-time streamers from joining), reward consistencies, and communication gaps.

Going Forward

Season 2 will largely focus on maintaining the allure of the Streamer League established in Season 1, while providing tools to help streamers transition from another game to Duelyst. Our mission is to make the game and community as inviting as possible to encourage growth for everyone involved. This will involve providing educational materials, tailoring rewards, and altering the way we view engagement. All of these details (and more) will be outlined in future announcements.

If you have any questions or suggestions, hop on our Discord and reach out to JuveyD#8648 and Thanatos Noa#6457